Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beginning note

Thought up just after the 4th of July almost by accident, this is an odd one.

It's a follow-up 2 my original "trilogy" (4 lack of a better term at the moment) which simply starts out with Indy & I hanging out &... well, I'll just leave u 2 discover the rest.

I'll just say the 2 following things about it:

This would not be a project that Disney would want 2 publish if it was ever submitted, plain & simple. It's 2 dark.

It also wouldn't be a favorite with Disney cartoon fans; it's 2 untraditional & unusual, it's overall approach & concept is probably 2 "out there" & in its own way 2 serious 4 them, & I'm sure many out there would argue that it ends all wrong.

But I'm doing it simply because I think it's different & worth  attempting.

Why the title "Lush Life"? Well, when I came up with the entire plot I didn't have a title, & while mulling over songs that could possibly work 4 the soundtrack, I recalled the song "Lush Life", & picked it tonight as of this entry as something that would work as a temporary title simply because it sounded good. Now that I think about it though, the title does seem 2 fit pretty well after all, as it seems 2 work ironically, & poetically as well, as a suggestion of a desired level of comfort when one is simply forced 2 make do with the few rough resources at hand.

4 anyone who may not happen to know: there really is an Indiana Goof. He was originally created by Bruno Sarda & artist Massimo De Vita & has become quite a well-known phenomenon in his own right in all Walt Disney comic magazine publications except those in English speaking countries (as he has only been introduced here about 3 times so far as 2 my knowledge). But those in English speaking countries like myself who have encountered here absolutely adore him. U go, Indiana. ;)

In other countries he has been known as Indiana Pipps, Indiana Ding, etc.

LEGAL NOTE: This work is a Disney-based side project that, except 4 the characters & settings mentioned, is otherwise the sole personal property of myself, The Artist & writer of the work in question, & cannot be reproduced, copied, or otherwise used without my sole personal permission. Thank you. ;)